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A zebra & a peacock walked
into a bar. Rest is history.
We are, both.

Bosky Cherin
Bo 2.jpg
Bosky Cherin
Founder + Creative Director + Director

Been in the advertising and design industry for over 15 years.


From shooting films + videos, brand identities, print campaigns, social media campaigns, music album covers, packaging design, book covers, movie posters, publicity design, stickers, designing sneakers, t-shirts, anything and everything with an ounce of idea + design.

- "There's so much music in this world to discover, that you will not in this life."



Th 2.jpg
Thomas George
Founder + Tech Director

From Auditing to cyber security to coding to hacking to tech.

Eventually passion and love for films and video took over the soul.

Threw the tie, picked up a camera.


Shot a film, went to the Cannes Film Festival.

Walked the red carpet. Right next to Polanski.

Never looked back.


-  "And, it's Dijon, not yellow."

Max Reinert
“You get what anybody gets - you get a lifetime. ― Neil Gaiman”
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