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The concerns over audio/sound & content with sound , such as AI generated sounds and content, deep fakes (SORA, RunwayML Gen2), have created a need for significant research to find ways to stamp/mark copyrighted insignia and unique characters into audible media, within different industries that cater to the advantage of sound.
The technology is named bothX.

(Sound Authentication/Marking System)
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is an audio authentication system that permanently entrenches a frequency within audio, video files by an inclusive data addition, where there are no visual and/or auditory effects on the data itself. Feel free to get your first mark  for your media from us - on us.

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The both x digital sound marking system, includes the exploitation of a specific audio frequency to digitally mark the audio, that is legible to read/view at a visual level, using a regular sound analyzer. The result developed by bothx®️ audio visual research and development studio, proves the effectiveness, usefulness, global applications, security and uniqueness of the technology. (Patent app# PCT/IB2023/059224)

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