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Professional Video Production both Dubai NFT creative content

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The concerns over NFT copyright protection have created a need for significant research to find ways to stamp/mark copyrighted insignia and unique characters into digital media, within an NFT and different industries that cater to the advantage of sound.
The technology is named both X.

(Sound Copyright Marking System)
both X Logo.png

is an NFT authentication system that permanently entrenches a frequency within audio, video files by an inclusive data addition, where there are no visual and/or auditory effects on the data itself. Feel free to get your first mark  for your media from us - on us.

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The both x digital sound marking system, includes the exploitation of a specific audio frequency to digitally mark the audio within an NFT, that is legible to read/view at a visual level, using a regular sound analyzer. The result developed by bothx®️ audio visual research and development studio, proves the effectiveness, usefulness, global applications, security and uniqueness of the technology. (Patent app# PCT/IB2020/056103)

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