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Privacy policy


This Privacy Policy is intended to provide transparency about how we treat sensitive user and device data in the AbsIQ fitness app created by bothQ.

Collection of User Data

AbsIQ collects and uses user data to provide an effective and personalized fitness experience. The following types of data may be collected:

- BMI Calculation: The app calculates the user's Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine fitness levels.

- Accelerometer Data: The app uses the mobile device's accelerometer to detect motion during workouts, specifically abdominal crunches. This data is used to provide real-time feedback and generate workout sounds.

Use of User Data

AbsIQ uses the collected data for the following purposes:

- Workout Guidance: User data is used to guide and track abdominal crunch workouts, providing real-time feedback and workout sounds based on motion detected by the accelerometer.

- Personalized Workouts: The app curates the number of sit-ups or crunches required daily based on the user's BMI, ensuring personalized fitness plans.

- Progress Tracking: Workout data is recorded to monitor the user's progress over time.

Sharing of User Data

AbsIQ will NOT share user data with third parties. We may share user data when required by law or to protect our rights and safety.

Privacy Policy Accessibility

The privacy policy is accessible within the AbsIQ app and on our website via an active URL.


AbsIQ contains ads from Google ads mob. We display two banner ads; and one interstitials, or native ads within the app.

App Access

AbsIQ is access based on login credentials that are directly connected to the mobile phone number. The app is freely accessible to all users.

Target Audience and Content

AbsIQ is intended for users of all age groups. It does not target children specifically. The content is fitness-related and complies with Google Play's policies.

Permissions Declaration

AbsIQ does not request the use of high-risk or sensitive permissions such Call Logs.

Content Ratings

We have provided content ratings to ensure our app is appropriately categorized and accessible to the right audience.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Status

AbsIQ does not contain COVID-19 contact tracing or status functionality.

For any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at         

*Please note that this Privacy Policy is subject to change, and users will be notified of any updates through the app or on our website –*

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